The blind photographer.

And the new Arteon.

The idea.

We showcase the new Arteon and its fascinating design in a completely unseen way with the help of blind photographer Pete Eckert: proving that the Arteon embodies beauty in every sense.

Pete Eckert.

He describes his work as follows: „Think of me taking photos in the dark and sliding them under the door to the light of the world for sighted people to view.“


In 2017, Volkswagen introduced a completely new car: the Arteon, a elegant coupé-sedan that especially attracts design enthusiasts.

Press releases.


The documentary.

We followed Pete Eckert’s work without a script or a storyboard. The fascinating result, shot over six days, shows how he approaches the new Arteon with his sense of hearing, touch and his memories and eventually creates his masterpieces.

The campaign.